In the basic level, UI (User Interface) is pages and all the visual elements, like buttons pictures from the design side, that makes a person use the service or product. UX (User Experience) includes everything that you can see screens and it's structure, keyboards, sounds, colors. However, the UI is created based on personal taste and style of a designer, UX is made only based on researches and analysis of the users'preferences. Without UX there is no UI either you have a pretty product that doesn't meet the users' needs and complicated to use. But from the other hands, there is no UX without UI, or the result will be just a bunch of practical and technical screens that doesn't look like a usable product that the user expects.


Creative Direction, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Visual Design Web Design, Brand Identity are all about us. Our team will create a plan for long-term companies’ goals that projects your idea and aimed at the right audience. Our design services combine accessibility and usability with your content and marketing goals to improve the experience customers have with your company. A well-crafted user experience, user-driven content strategy, and interface web design can tell your story, engage your audience, and bring them back for more. We craft digital experiences that people like.


No matter how much efforts you put into design or website strategy, user experience or design, if your site doesn’t work correctly customers will stay away. SkyPick helps to define the project strategy and roadmap, prepare and optimizing the right actions. Front and Backend Development are custom-made for your startup. Our team provides the technical flexibility to deliver quality solutions. We will represent not just a site that meets your needs, but a true business solution. Digital projects need a clear vision and should be backed by the right technologies.


We will help to promote your idea at the right time and places to achieve digital marketing success. Our team will create a Brand Strategy for your idea in order to achieve growth and keep everything under control. B2B or B2C. Our multi-skilled and senior crew of professionals is experienced in creating customized digital marketing plans. We set in place instruments that help maximize your strategy’s potential. By using the methods below:

  • Behavioral email segmentation
  • Push notifications user strategy
  • Up sales and down sales tactics
  • Media strategic planning
  • Global user acquisition
  • User flow

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